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What people want to know about 3S
Q: I've never heard of 3S. How long have you been in business?
A: If you haven't heard about us, you may not have been listening in the right places. Over the last decade 3S has become the leading professional grade provider of training methodology and support to elite coaches in a wide variety of sports. Prior to that the experts that founded 3S supported national teams and coaches, preparing them for the most important and biggest events, like the Olympic Games and World Championships. That is where our expertise and experience come from. Since 2001, we have been proudly serving both American and International coaches through our platform. Now we are extending our service to make it more appropriate and user friendly for casual and individual riders, but the quality of our service and underpinning principles will remain the same. Users will be able to access a "light" version of our elite program, which will make it easier for novice riders to use, and will not require any special knowledge to operate.
Q: Who are your typical users?
A: We currently offer our service in more then 40 countries around the world to over 400 coaches who are training more than 30,000 elite athletes. Most of our clients are in collegiate swimming, rowing, lacrosse, running, and field hockey programs. Our triathlon module is arguably the most advanced in the industry. Today 3S is the only professional tool and service accepted by professional coaches competing for medals in different Olympic sports and events. Every year 3S helps produce over 100 national qualifiers, dozens of Olympic trialists, and national champions. In fact many collegiate coaches consider 3S tools a “must have” in their coaching arsenal. Collegiate sport powerhouses using 3S include Harvard, University of Tennessee, Ohio State University, University of Michigan and Kentucky to name just a few.
Q: I am just a casual rider. Are 3S tools for me? And do I need additional assistance or special knowledge to take advantage of them?
A: The all-new 3S platform is built with ordinary users and individual athletes in mind. We converted our prior experience and knowledge into a simple-to-use service which does not require any special knowledge about exercise physiology or training methodology. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your current level of fitness and your individual training goals, and the program will produce the rest. Just log in to your account and you will receive individually designed and very detailed daily and weekly workouts. Then follow our suggested loads as closely as you can. You'll be surprised at the changes you'll see in just a few weeks! Every year we help coaches all over the world create 100's of national qualifiers, Olympic trialists, and national champions. And on a personal level... nearly every athlete who uses our program for one full season meets or exceeds his goals.
Q: How effective is 3S compared to other online coaching programs?
A: 3S is unique. It applies the systematic knowledge accumulated over several decades to design and build specific training suggestions which will manage your progression in an optimal way. By definition 3S is VERY precise, and is based on the latest training ideas that have already produced many champions! Simply put... if you care about your training plan and your results... 3S is the best offer on the market.
Q: I already have a coach. Does 3S compete with my coach, or offer similar guidance?
A: 3S does NOT compete with coaches. On the contrary, we view coaches as potential clients and partners, at least the most advanced of them. Remember, we were and still are in the business of supporting national teams and elite, highly competitive coaches. We are the recognized world leaders in our field of science, Advanced Training Methodology for Endurance Training. In other words we tell coaches “how they can train to get the best results”. Typically, coaches can draw on their personal knowledge and experience when they need to teach their athletes "how" to do something. This can be invaluable to an athlete who needs technical assistance or advice. But when it comes to "what" to do, they come to us for guidance. Think of it like this... you want to build a house, but it's the architect not the builder who creates the blueprints. He has the special knowledge needed for that. The builder knows how to interpret and follow the architect's blueprint, but he doesn't know how to design a house in light of all the new codes and contemporary engineering and new materials that are available. Don't expect him to. It's really not his business. And just like you hire an architect to design a unique house for your family, we design unique training plans for individual athletes. We don't make carbon copies of used plans, or cookie cut plans based on generalizations. After all... it's your health and success that's at stake. To be effective training design needs to be specific to your personal abilities and needs. And that is exactly what we offer.
 What We Do ?
Choosing the Right Training Plan
Online training services have become very popular in recent years. And if you've been looking for individualized coaching services on line or elsewhere, you already know that the "follow my training plan” approach has become dominant and widespread.

You may be wondering, “Is this approach right for me?” Or, “Is 'Mr. X's' training plan really all I need to achieve my personal goal?” If you are looking for real results, the answer to these questions is undobtedly “No”! To achieve sustainable progress, you must have a well-designed training plan that specifically addresses YOUR personal goals and needs. Contemporary training is based on serious science. Just because someone's been an athlete doesn't mean he is an expert coach. Personal athletic experience cannot substitute for the fundamental and highly specialized knowledge required for professional coaching services.

If you are serious about your health and fitness goals, you need PROFESSIONAL guidance. Athletic training is a very powerful stressor. Forget your future results for a minute - when you choose a training program, your complete health and well-being are at stake! No generalized, "one-fits-all" training plan can help YOU, regardless of how it is presented or packaged. Don't be fooled into buying a hot "name brand" workout. Instead, look for knowledge and proven results from decades of scientific and applied research. That's EXACTLY what you get with 3S.
What have I been missing?
3S was designed by sports scientists and elite coaches to deliver winning training strategies that have proven to be successful by THOUSANDS of competitive athletes of all ages. Our Training Design Tools, which are based on decades of research, produce individually tailored, progressive and astoundingly precise daily training plans that connect required effort with your personal targets. Each training effort is specified by speed, power and physiological stress. Each daily effort is designed to strengthen your body to help you perform your best at your selected distance of choice when you need it most.
We Deliver Proven Results
3S has supported professional coaches community in the US and worldwide since 2002 as a public service and actually long before that as a highly specialized athletic support group. Our extended family of satisfied users will help up celebrate our 10th anniversary in April of 2012. These users, coaches and athletes, gained a competitive edge and enhanced their knowledge of how to achieve their personal goals, every time they followed our recommendations. The success of our users is responsible for our growth and evolution over the past decade. If you haven't heard about us until now, that;s probably because we were too busy coaching and supporting our athletes at competitive meets and sporting events worldwide. That is what we do best! Give us a try. Join our 3S family and start a journey to a better, more fit and competitive YOU!
How We Do It?
We Know Training!
FACT: The same training plan applied to a group of similarly prepared athletes produces different results.
3S ADVANTAGE: 3S Training plans and strategies are UNIQUE for each athlete and each season.
FACT: Individual metabolic processes are unique to individulal's body and muscle type composition. In order to achieve positive changes, therefore, we need to find and apply an individually tailored training program specifically designed to address our individual abilities.
3S ADVANTAGE: 3S studied different training stressors and their effect for over 30 years. 3S's proprietary Parametric Training is the most effective method known today. Training strategies based on the Parametric Training deliver results EVERY TIME they are applied.
FACT: High-level coaches (i.e. collegiate, national, and Olympic) always rely on sports scientists to evaluate their athletes’ condition and develop specific training strategies.
3S ADVANTAGE: 3S experts have been involved in these activities since the mid-1970's. The current 3S platform evolved from the tools used by elite sports scientists and professional coaches involved in the preparation of national teams.
FACT: The typical individual season plan consists of over 15,000 data points, many of which are dynamic.
3S ADVANTAGE: 3S spent more than 10 years developing industry leading, proprietary technology to process individual data and deliver pin-point daily recommendations that are key to your personal success!

A training plan without proper strategy is useless, and one without the flexibility to accommodate your needs is worthless. Why spin your wheels on rigid, generic programs that can't possibly help you reach your ultimate training goals?

3S is unique! We merge proven coaching and scientific expertise to provide training solutions that are not available elsewhere in the sports market today. We don't just dole out used workouts. We manage the ENTIRE training process - and we do it with surgical precision. Our program is based on decades of scientific research and the success of thousands of athletes including amateurs, pros, and even Olympians.

And that's the reason over 30,000 athletes rely on us every day for our training assistance and expertise. Isn't it about time you did, too?
  Who Uses 3S?
Anyone Can Use 3S
3S Training solutions can benefit men, women and young athletes of all ages, abilites and walks of life. We have had users as young as 9, and our oldest athletes are well into their 80s. Our program has been successfully applied to high school and collegiate athletes, masters, professional athletes, as well as Olympic athletes. 3S has consistently helped athletes reach their personal performance goals and achieve their life-time bests.
3S Is Everywhere
3S programs have been successfully applied to a wide variety of sports which rely on endurance, including cycling, water polo, running, swimming, rowing, skiing, triathlon, firled hockey, lacrosse, soccer and even squash! Their results can be summarize with statements like, "We broke every school record!" and "Best conference ever!" These institutions include sports powerhouses like Harvard, University of Michigan, University of Tennessee, University of Wyoming, University of Iowa, Ohio State, State University of New York (half a dozen locations), University of Richmond, and many more! Many of the coaches using 3S training tools have not only won their conference titles, but have also earned the coveted Coach of the Year awards.
No. 1 Choice of Professional Organizations
3S has been chosen to be the official training platform for Bike Virginia, College Swimming Coaches Association and National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association. 3S has also been recognized for professional excellence by FINA, the IOC (Olympic Solidarity Development Program), and the Pan American Sports Organization among others. 3S has been approved for continuing-education credits by USRowing and ASCA.
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