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Today Date: Monday, October 14, 2019 EST
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Distance exercises in Energy Zone Ib
Interval Exercises (starting with Zone II and up)
Number of repetitions in interval, repetitive and slow distance exercises
Weekly partial volumes of training load
Energy Zones
Sequence of exercises in training day and week




Welcome to the Super Sport Systems (3S) Training Services for Cyclists!

To get started, please take a moment to set up your account. This process should only take a few minutes. Please do not worry if you don't have the answers to some of our questions. We are always a call or an e-mail away and ready to assist you with every step of the way. We created this service to help YOU achieve your goals, and, therefore, we stand 100% behind this service.

Let’s go step-by-step through the initial settings page.

Training Information and Training Priorities

The fields in this section are quite straightforward. Don’t worry if you don’t know your Maximum Heart Rate. This is NOT a problem. We will provide this value for you at the beginning, since your Maximum Heart Rate is a function of age. You may return to this page and adjust this value at any time if your individual heart rate response to physical exercise is slightly different. Please be sure to consult your physician before starting a new exercise regimen.

Suggested Maximum Heart Rate

Your Maximum Heart  Rate is a function of several parameters, including your age and level of training. It is not always easy to reach or test this parameter, and in general, it is safer to use a calculated value. Our program utilizes a proprietary method to calculate the Maximum Heart Rate for you, but you can always manually adjust this value. Consider the Heart Rate field on your profile as a mechanism for fine-tuning your training goals; this will allow for precise calibration of your targeted effort for each Energy Zone.

Helpful  Hint: Select "ENERGY ZONES" from your Training Control page and check your suggested heart rate in Energy Zone IVb.  Usually your heart rate in this zone will be a few beats lower than your suggested Maximum Heart Rate. Then return to your profile and adjust your set Maximum Heart Rate, if necessary. Make all necessary adjustments at the beginning of the season. DO NOT change this parameter DURING the season unless it is absolutely necessary, since your Maximum Heart Rate will change with training in the 3S Training Program.  

Target Event

Enter your event information. All fields except your Event Target Date are optional, so you may skip them if needed.

Evaluate Your Current Fitness Level

We offer two different ways to evaluate your current level of general fitness and special endurance (“special” refers to being specific to a particular sport or activity):

1. By known full-effort result for any distance, or

2. By your average speed during 30 or 60 minutes of  exercise.

The first method is more precise and usually applies to active/competitive cyclists who aiming to improve their results for a specific distance.

The second method is perfect for casual and master riders who may not know their recent full-effort results. ("Testing" your full-effort limits without prior preparation is not a good idea either.)

Average training efforts are listed progressively. They are connected to effort levels (average speed) common for suggested groups. Once you start training, you will always be able to return to your profile and adjust your settings if you find that your workout targets are too hard or too easy. 

Define Training Goals

Training Goals are listed progressively. They are connected with your  initial fitness level (selected earlier). More developed athletes  usually observe smaller progress from season to season. Please be realistic in establishing your goals under "Define Training Goals by Full Effort Result."  There are no specific boundaries or rules for forecasting future ability. Progression rates  are individual and depend on a number of factors. However, based on our studies and experience, we usually recommend 3-5% improvement range per season. If you follow 3S training suggestions closely, your progress is imminent!

Training Preferences

Regardless of your fitness level or level of  preparation, your body needs one day of rest in a calendar cycle. Please note that training cycles and human adaptation to physical exercise are  different from calendar cycles. To simplify matters, we insist on one rest day a week. This is true even when we work with Olympic athletes. There is no reason to push harder if you are a master or a developing cyclist.

You are done! This information is enough for us to design your season, calculate necessary progression and prepare specific training targets for each day of your training.



Let’s face it: Your busy schedule may not allow you to train regularly or may limit the time you have for a specific training day. With the 3S training design, that is NOT a problem! You can adjust your schedule yourself using our built-in tools in several ways (and,  of course, we are only a call or an e-mail away to assist you with every  aspect of your season).

If you want to make training changes to the current week, just go to the Week Planner and make your adjustments to fit your busy schedule. You may reduce (or increase, if you’re up to it) daily  training time, select equipment (outdoor or indoor) and change the number of  sessions for a particular week. Just save your changes and we will do the rest—by re-calculating your optimal training load for this week. 


The 3S Season Planning tool is one of the strongest and most comprehensive in the industry. Over 400 professional coaches of all levels are relying on our tool daily to design training plans for their athletes. There are no compromises—you are receiving the industry’s best management tool, which is very balanced and proven to produce  desired  progression-based training plans. The volume we suggest for your season is connected to your target result, since it is optimal to bring your fitness level to a point necessary to perform at your target  level. However, we also understand that some further individualization may be required. Therefore, we offer an ability to adjust season volume at a "global" level. After the change is made, your  weekly progression is automatically adjusted to reflect your  priorities, but your training design remains the same (which  is the way it should be). If you need additional level of customization, please consider the 3S "Elite" license or contact 3S experts for further assistance.



There are several tables and pictures in the Training Center section. We recommend that take the time to become familiar with these features, so that you feel comfortable using this tool. Every figure in these tables is specific to YOU.  The values change on a weekly basis in accordance with your personal optimized progression plan.

Here's a breakdown of the different informational groups on the  screen:

1. Current individual  information

This is a simple repetition of the individual data that you previously entered. It serves as a reminder of your target time at your best distance during the current  week. You can use these results in a couple of different ways: 1) as a monitoring tool if you happen to race this week, or 2) as a reference tool, since this is conceivably your maximum (100%) effort to achieve the target result (time and/or maximum speed) at your best distance.

2. Daily volume targets for a given  week

The top row represents the daily target volume (in km or miles); this  can be selected on the Registration page. The bottom row represents the daily percentage of your total weekly volume.

3. Daily/weekly menu of  pre-selected individual exercises

 This is your training schedule for the day /week. Depending on your service level with us, you may have the option to add/delete any exercises from this menu.
Note: Exercise selection is  based on a multitude of factors; their combination is a proven solution to your individual barriers and goals. You need special knowledge and expertise to interchange the exercises on any given day and/or week of training. Therefore, use this feature with extreme caution!!!



EXERCISES (General  Overview)

The weekly view with individual training load distribution for each day of the week is the centerpiece of the Training Center. This is your training week summary, with specifically suggested training volumes at each level of training intensity (Energy Zone). Each level (zone) is connected to your individual physiological stress requirements, expressed through the target Heart Rate  corridor for each zone. Please note that your targets are progressive. Therefore, your Heart Rate corridors will change weekly to reflect calculated changes in your physical condition in relation to the suggested physical exercises. It may sound like a "lucky guess", but in reality this information is based on several decades of studies of human adaptation to standard physical exercise—this is our direct area of expertise!

This information alone is more then you can receive anywhere else.  But there is more! By selecting the date of the week, you receive specific training schedule for that day, effort by effort.

We offer two different views to help you interpret this information: easy (descriptive) and PRO (tabular). Use either one or both and follow our suggested efforts to achieve your goals.


Once you done with your daily workout, it is a good idea to login and enter your actual information back into the system. This will allow you to follow your actual progression and compare it with  the "expected" target. This information may help you to better understand your progress and your habitual training patterns. By entering your "vital signs," such as weight and resting heart rate (usually acquired first thing after you  wake up and before leaving the bed), you may also be able to better control your adaptation to a new exercise regimen.


The value of each exercise is determined by several factors. Suggested distribution of daily training volumes is done on an individual basis, based on your input data and your individual annual plan. All of the figures can be adjusted either by you (by editing your personal data) or with the help of a 3S expert. We ask that you follow several rules to achieve best results:

·         Distance exercises in Energy Zone Ib: This is usually is a general-volume, relatively low-intensity workout. You can easily combine several exercises and/or count warm-up toward volume in that zone.

  • Interval Exercises  (starting with Zone II and up):  Try to follow suggested volume and especially the target heart rates in this type of exercise. You may have difficulty reaching suggested speed and power output at target heart rates at the beginning of the season and immediately upon joining our services. Do not panic! This situation will change in about 30 to 45 days. It is also possible that you will be able to achieve higher speed at target heart rates at the end of the  season. Contact 3S experts if your actual data is inconsistent with the training plan provided to you.
  • Number of repetitions in interval, repetitive and slow distance exercises: These exercises produce results through cumulative effect, so you should follow the provided recommendations with respect to the time of rest and number of repetitions. You may opt to increase the time of rest (from standard 15 seconds up to 30 seconds, for example) without making any changes in the target values for these exercises in the beginning of your training. The goal will be to diminish rest periods gradually, until they match the target ones. DO NOT decrease the time of rest in comparison with the target rest period under any circumstances!
  • Weekly partial volumes of training  load: The graph on the left is an indicator of the workout target volumes for each energy zone. Please note that this meter is providing current information and will reflect any additions/subtractions of exercises within a specific day. If you would like to return to the original values, select Recalculate.
  • Energy  Zones: You can always check your  individual target energy zone parameters by visiting the Vital Signs  page. It's a good idea to follow the suggested volumes during the week  and pay close attention to higher zones (starting with V and up). Typically your exercises in zones Ia and Ib are your cruising-speed exercises that are necessary for the general volume of work. They  can be included in your warm-ups or combined freely. While very structured, our daily schedules provide enormous flexibility. Once you  become accustomed to using them and create a habit of training with a specific goal in mind, you will have a lot of fun following our training plan!
  • Sequence of exercises in training day and week: We provide specific training  recommendations, but are not able to manage your training day or group schedule.  We would like to offer several tips that may help you achieve your target goals:
    • If suggested daily volume is high, consider dividing the training into two or even three parts. Even an hour of rest between training sets may be helpful in coping with high volumes.
    • Never underestimate the value of recovery strategies. Our training schedules are specifically composed to provide optimum recovery following immediate exercise-related exertion. As a rule, you need at  least 8 hours of quality daily sleep time. Nutrition patterns can also help (or hurt) the  rehabilitation processes.
    • Do not push yourself to a higher zone unless it is recommended by the schedule. Excessive training volumes in zones III-V may lead to exhaustion and stagnation in a short term, and into serious damage in the long run. 



The 3S staff is always ready to make any desirable or necessary changes to your planning and to provide you with consultation regarding any aspect of your training program.

We are committed to serving you with the highest level of  professional experience and knowledge available in the training industry today. We are continually working on bringing new  tools and features to our site. For answers to any questions that you may have about using our program and our products and services, or for help interpreting any data that you already have access to, please contact us at 1-800-941-7303 or support@3ssite.com

We will be happy to assist you any way we can to improve your level of training, your performance and your ability to consistently achieve maximum results. Our trained experts are also available to come and meet with you personally. We can provide consulting services in order to help you gain the knowledge and tools that you need to compete with the best. You can expect to see further improvements on our site on a regular basis, with a continual upgrade of our products and services. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to provide us with feedback about any aspect of Super Sport Systems. We are here to help you become the best that you can be!


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